60 days of heavy snow
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[suitable planting area] South China, East China, central China and southwest China

Planting season: July to October

[main characters of varieties]

Early maturing varieties, about 60-70 days from planting to harvest, are heat-resistant, fast-growing, short and compact plants, short petioles, long oval leaves, smooth leaf surface, waxy powder and gray green leaves. The flower ball is semi-circular, compact and white, with coarse flowers and grains, few outer leaves, good flavor and strong disease resistance. Generally, the weight of a single ball is about 0.6kg.

[main cultivation measures and adaptability]

The planting area is generally sown from the end of June to the beginning of July. The average temperature at the seedling stage is required to be above 25 ° C. the seedling is raised and transplanted. The seedling age is about 30 days. It is easy to bolt when the seedling stage is lower than 20 ° C. Apply enough base fertilizer and plant 2200-2600 plants per mu. Apply nitrogen fertilizer frequently in the early stage after planting, and apply topdressing twice during the flower ball formation period.

[quality index]



germination percentage

water content

Net content

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12 months

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Variety name: Ruixue extra large 60 days

Quarantine certificate No.: 3303240020160002

[risk tips]

1. Due to different climate, soil and other environmental conditions, users must promote or use it on the basis of local trial planting by stages and repeated confirmation of success. The company will not be held responsible for the adverse harvest results caused by the objective conditions such as climate, soil, diseases and pests, improper cultivation management, improper planting time and other violations of the law of crop growth, or the commodity nature of the harvest is not suitable for the local market.

2. The pictures and product characteristics on this packing bag are the planting results obtained under the suitable cultivation conditions of the company's R & D base, which are only for the user's reference. Measures should be taken to create an environment suitable for its growth under abnormal climatic conditions. In case of bad weather conditions such as long-term low-temperature rain or high-temperature drought during the growth period, the product may be deformed, reduced production or lost, Growers need to be prepared psychologically and make no commitment to physical comparison and other remote cultivation results.

3. The shelf life of the seed is limited to cool, dry and sealed storage conditions.

4. Please keep the empty packing bag and seed purchase note properly as the basis for problems.

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