It is suggested that vegetable farmers should control greenhouse diseases


It is suggested that vegetable farmers should control greenhouse diseases

The vegetable disease and pest control station of Hebei Province will provide in-depth vegetable disease and pest control services for the majority of vegetable farmers and herdsmen in Yonghai County in time. According to the survey, with the warming of the weather, the temperature and humidity of the shed is more suitable for the occurrence and expansion of vegetable diseases. Coupled with continuous cropping, there is a large accumulation of pathogenic bacteria, which makes the occurrence of tomato leaf mold, gray mold, cucumber target spot and gray mold in greenhouse serious. The characteristics of the disease are that the rate of diseased shed, diseased plant, diseased leaf and diseased fruit increased rapidly and seriously, among which the fruit rate of cucumber gray mold was higher. In view of the severity of the current disease, vegetable farmers should strengthen prevention and control, control the spread momentum and ensure a bumper harvest of fruits and vegetables.

Prevention measures include:

Agricultural prevention and control: 1 Timely remove the diseased leaves, flowers and fruits, and destroy them in a centralized manner to reduce the spread. Film mulching under the ground can effectively reduce the humidity of mold. 3. Timely rectify the branches and pick the old leaves at the lower part. 4. Often scrub the shed film to keep it clean, improve the light transmittance and improve the light transmission conditions in the shed.

Chemical control: 1 For the control of gray mold, spray 1500 times of 70% pyrimethanil (meican) water dispersible granules, 500 times of 50% doxorubicin acetochlor (rimecan) wettable powder, 1500 times of 50% isocarbazide suspension, or 2000 times of 50% acetaminophen water dispersible granules. 2. prevention and control of cucumber target spot disease can be carried out in the initial stage of the disease, using 10% diphenoxazole water dispersible granule 1500 times liquid plus 80% carbendazim wettable powder 500 times liquid spray, or 50% multi f / dimethoxy (Li Mei Kang) wettable powder 500 times liquid spray. 3. to control tomato leaf mold, 10% phenylevazole water dispersible granules 1500 times liquid, or 50% / more (10%) of dimethicam (lincomycin), or 500 times of wettable powder, or 2% times of spring spray.

The above drugs with different mechanisms shall be used alternately, or the drugs with different mechanisms shall be mixed. According to the weather change, apply the medicine once every 5-7 days for three consecutive times.

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